2024 Underground NorCal

Onewheels allowed
Apr 20, 2024
5:20 AM
Sep 02, 2024
8:10 PM

Ready, Set, Go Get It!!!

In Season Challenge for fastest time thru July 1st(RtR Day) on Robie Point seg wins 1hr of repair service from FixMyPEV & a swag pack from Armor-Dilloz.

Most Trail Attempts wins a Craft&Ride prize pkg!
(see FB page for info)

Nevada City:
1.NC Hoot DH 1.07mi
2.NC Zipper 0.88mi
3.NC Dacombe 0.48mi
4.NC Dascombe W 0.56mi

5.Robie Pt. Middle to HWY 49 1.39mi

6.FDL Connector 0.92mi
7.FDL Connector Bench 0.91mi

Granite Bay:
8.FLSRA Back to Beeks 0.65mi
9.FLSRA Highwater SW 0.54mi
10.FLSRA Bob's Cut to Crossroads 0.92mi

11.Shady Trail 0.85mi

12.Watt Bridge thru The Jungle 1.21mi

Points type
This season uses the V2 point system. Only the placings from the top 7 leaderboard contributors will be counted.
Leaderboard contributors
- Robie Pt. Middle to HWY 49
- NC Dascombe
- NC Dascombe W
- NC Hoot DH
- NC Zipper
- FLSRA-Highwater SW
- Shady Trail: From Stables
- FDL Connector Trail
- FLSRA - Back 2 Beeks
- FLSRA Bob's Cut to Crossroads
- FDL Connector Bench
- Watt Bridge thru The Jungle