GLOW Circuit - Underground 2024

Onewheels allowed
May 31, 2024
10:01 PM
Sep 02, 2024
9:59 PM

1. We do not have explicit trail access at the majority of our trails. PLEASE DO NOT MOB TRAILS - especially on weekends or weekday evenings. We suggest riding in groups of 4 or LESS.
2. Do NOT talk about GLOW Racing with other trail users.
3. For any questions while riding text GLOW Admin and Commissioner, Hinterland_Brad, at 616.822.4812
4. Yield to all trail users. It'll be ok. You can re-run your attempt.
5. Do NOT smoke flower or dab in parking lots or on trail. Step away and do that privately.
6. A few GLOW trails have features. Do NOT session these features as they are located on heavily trafficked, higher-speed trails with blind corners.

Points type
This season uses the V2 point system. Only the placings from the top 7 leaderboard contributors will be counted.
Leaderboard contributors
- Mountain Climber
- Wolverine - CCW - Sun, Mon, Wed, & Fri ONLY!!!
- Wolverine - CW - Tue, Thurs, & Sat ONLY!!!
- CCW FAZ Track - Mon, Wed, Fri, & Sun ONLY
- CW FAZ Track - Tue, Thur, & Saturday ONLY
- CCW Pond Plummet - Yellow Direction Tue, Thur, & Sat ONLY!!!
- CW Pond Plummet - Red Direction - Mon, Wed, Fri, & Sun ONLY!!!
- Roller Coaster
- Stony Creek (Back Nine)
- Buzzworthy - Olson Park
- Ferrett's Flow - Oakdale
- Yellowjacket